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Welcome to my Website 

Thanks for stopping by my website. I appreciate your interest. Enjoy shopping around. If you need some help, you can e-mail or give me a call at 847-266-8644. I always enjoy “clarinet talk”


Clarinet Mouthpieces

I have been in business for twenty years, supplying world-class mouthpieces and other related products and services to clarinetists in over 57 different countries.  In that time period, I have handcrafted well over 10,000 mouthpieces.

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I have the new Legende!!!


Check it out. This clarinet is absolutely exquisite. Superb response, warm full tone throughout all registers. Best clarinet I have played in many years.

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Grabner Clarinet Barrels

Grabner clarinet barrels are selling like crazy. Why? Impeccable intonation, smooth and easy attack, and focused throat tone.

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The Virtuoso Clarinet Mouthpiece

It has been out for over a year now. With its dark, bold, rich tone color it is a proven winner. Available in one facing, medium open.

"Walter's new Virtuoso mouthpieces have a beautiful balance of warmth, depth, and brillance, with a lightening-fast articulation response and just enough resistance to give us myriad color options, while still feeling free and easy to play. Congratulations, Walter!" - Eric Mandat

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The Virtuoso Bass Clarinet mouthpiece

This mouthpiece was created just in time for ClarinetFest2016. It sold well there and has been a consistent success ever since. A very viable option for the serious bass clarinetist. With a tip more open than the "Lawrie Bloom" model, the bass register can really roar!

The Legendary R13

I have many fine R-13s for sale. Here is one: Buffet R13 Bb, nickel, serial number #700189. It is superb!


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I accept VISA, MasterCard, and Discover credit card payments over the phone. Call 847-266-8644 to order. You can also pay for mouthpieces and barrels using the easy shopping cart software linked to each descriptive page.


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