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mouthpieces galore!
HiTech Clarinet

Customers say:

     “I can’t stop playing your mouthpiece. Congratulations on a new era.”

              “You hit it out of the ballpark with this one.”

                        “You got the application of the technology just right.”

                                “This mouthpiece is great. You are really on to something here.”


News about the new mouthpieces!

After months of research and study, I am proud to announce that I am now producing mouthpieces from my own designs. I call them the Grabner HiTech Clarinet Mouthpieces. Since the retirement of Hans Zinner, I am the only mouthpiece craftsman to completely redesign and manufacture not one or two mouthpieces, but an entire line of mouthpieces, including:

  • Eb Clarinet
  • Bb and A soprano clarinet
  • Alto clarinet
  • Bassett Horn
  • Bass Clarinet
  • Contra Alto Clarinet
  • Contra Bass Clarinet.

Produced using cutting-edge, 21st-century technologies, these mouthpices were designed using CAD software and are realized through very high-end additive manufacturing. The designs are traditional, with subtle improvements that help meet the demands placed on the 21st century clarinetist.

I have been asked several times why I chose additive manufacturing to produce my mouthpieces, and about the material I selected. Click here for a bit more information.

I want to extend a big THANK YOU to the clarinet community. The acceptance of my new mouthpiece models has been very gratifying! Since July, we have made and sold over 400 mouthpieces! They are appearing in ensembles worldwide. Some mouthpieces are already appearing in major symphonies and on Broadway. 

Some models are already clear winners. The B1C bass clarinet mouthpiece has had a amazing reception. For more information, click here.

The S2C, the S3M and the S3M-LE soprano clarinet mouthpieces have also developed a wide following.

Look for more innovation throughout the coming year.

I received an email the other day from a long-time customer about his experiences trying out one of my new mouthpieces. I asked him if I might include his comments on my website. Of course, it is always nice to receive testimonials. But the real reason to include it, is that he described, better than I have ever done, my exact concept of mouthpiece-making. Click here to read his comments.

Click here to access more information on the new Grabner HiTech Clarinet Mouthpieces by function and pitch. You can browse in your category, until you are ready to drill down to your special selection.

Grabner Mouthpieces

Legere Reeds and Grabner HiTech Mouthpieces

You probably already know that I am very impressed by the Legere Signature European Cut reeds.

We have now entered into a relationship with Legere Reeds, Ltd. where we can sell a Legere reed along with a mouthpiece. This will allow those who are unfamiliar with these great reeds to see how they work with the mouthpiece. 

The first mouthpiece we are going to do that with is the S3M-LE.

Click here to see the details and order.

Legere Reed


A mouthpiece for those who can't work as hard physically, but still want to continue playing well. I designed this mouthpiece to require less breath and embouchure pressure, but it still produces a full, dark clarinet sound.

For more information click here.

Grabner HiTech 3D Printed Barrels

Impeccable intonation, smooth and easy attack, and focused throat tones.

For more information click here.

The Virtuoso Clarinet Mouthpiece - Still Available

With its dark, bold, rich tone color, it is a proven winner.

Available in one facing, medium open. See table above for availability.

"Walter's new Virtuoso mouthpieces have a beautiful balance of warmth, depth, and brillance, with a lightening-fast articulation response and just enough resistance to give us myriad color options, while still feeling free and easy to play. Congratulations, Walter!" - Eric Mandat

 Click here to learn more

Grabner HiTech 3D Printed Bells

Improve your Tone
Improve your response
Improve your intonation.

Click here for more information.

New Buffet Clarinets For Sale


If you are looking for a great new R13 (or Festival), click here, or contact me directly. These clarinets are all prepped and ready to go. They need a new home!

 Inventory Reduction Sale

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Give me a call - 847-266-8644!

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