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Try up to 40 new Grabner HiTech Clarinet Mouthpieces

September 14, 2019

1:00 to 5:00

991 Wildwood Lane
Highland Park, IL 60035

After months of research and study, I am proud to announce that I am now producing my own mouthpieces from my own designs. I call them the Grabner HiTech Clarinet Mouthpieces, and they are available for all clarinets from E-flat through contra bass. My mouthpieces are produced using cutting-edge, 21st-century technologies. They are designed using CAD software and realized through very high-end additive manufacturing. The designs are traditional with subtle improvements that meet the demands placed on the 21st century clarinetist.

I have been asked several times why I chose additive manufacturing to produce my mouthpieces, and about the material I selected. Click here for a little bit more information.

ClarinetFest 2019 was a tremendous success for us and for our new products. Many thanks to all our old and new friends! We had a great kick-off for the new mouthpieces!


Reviews of the new mouthpieces are starting to come in:

Walter, I just wanted you to know this mouthpiece (S2MO) is great. I tried a couple of other reeds on it (at home) ........and it played better than ever.  I think you are indeed on to something here!!! - Howard Green, prominent Chicago area clarinetist.

Walter, (Just) confirming receipt of the mouthpiece (B1C).  Tried it out last night and loved it.  Completely changed my tone in the upper register over the Vandoren I'd been using.  Thanks for your excellent craftsmanship! - Jeff Bruce

.........Just got home from ClarinetFest and travel through the mountains and tried my new mouthpiece.  I’m very happy.  Based on my trial at the conference, I thought I’d have some adjustment time in the altissimo register, but once I got here it plays fine.  While very close sounding to my old mouthpiece, I like it even more. It will become my primary mouthpiece and your previous one is now my backup.

I enjoyed meeting you and I’m sure I’ll have many years of enjoyment of this new mouthpiece.

Being a technologist, it’s satisfying to play on a printed mouthpiece too.  You really got the application of the technology right.


Click here to access more information on the new Grabner HiTech Clarinet Mouthpieces by function and pitch. You can browse in your category, until you are ready to drill down to your special selection.


I still have some Zinner-based mouthpieces available. The table below will tell you what Zinner-based mouthpieces I have left, and tell you what new model replaces them. 
If you want to order one of the few remaining Zinner-based mouthpieces, click on any of the remaining underlined links in the first column.

Previous Zinner-based ModelZinner
New Grabner HiTech Clarinet
Mouthpiece model Replacement
CXZ_G11*Special OrderS2C
CXZ_EB (Eb clarinet)4E1C

New Product - Grabner HiTech Custom Clarinet Barrels

These high-end barrels are made using CNC techniques, made to order based on your needs.

New Product - Grabner HiTech 3D Printed Barrels

Impeccable intonation, smooth and easy attack, and focused throat tones.

The Virtuoso Clarinet Mouthpiece
Still Available

It has been out for three years now. With its dark, bold, rich tone color, it is a proven winner. I have sold hundreds!

Available in one facing, medium open. See table above for availability.

"Walter's new Virtuoso mouthpieces have a beautiful balance of warmth, depth, and brillance, with a lightening-fast articulation response and just enough resistance to give us myriad color options, while still feeling free and easy to play. Congratulations, Walter!" - Eric Mandat

 Click here to learn more.

New Buffet Clarinets For Sale

I have a large batch of new R13s in silver and in nickel.  If you are looking for a great new R13 (or Festival), click here, or contact me. These clarinets are all prepped and ready to go. Give me a call - 847-266-8644!

 Partila Buffe Stock

Copyright: Walter Grabner, 2004