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Welcome to my Website 

Thanks for stopping by my website. I appreciate your interest. Enjoy shopping around. If you need some help, you can e-mail or give me a call at 847-266-8644. I always enjoy “clarinet talk”


Clarinet Mouthpieces

I have been in business for twenty years, supplying world-class mouthpieces and other related products and services to clarinetists in over 57 different countries.  In that time period, I have handcrafted well over 10,000 mouthpieces.

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Customer Letter

I received this note just the other day. I am posting it not to blow my own horn, but to give an example of the kind of service that I have been trying to provide for the past 20 years. The note goes like this:

Hi Mr. Grabner,

I received the package today (Buffet R13 Bb silver, Grabner 65 mm barrel, Grabner Chicago mouthpiece), and I would like to inform you that I will most likely NOT return anything that I ordered.

I really love everything about the Grabner barrel, as it not only focuses the sound in the throat tones, but across the clarinet, and it has a really nice round sound with great control. It also looks very aesthetically pleasing. I initially thought that it might look like and play like a <deleted> barrel......... I have to admit, the Grabner barrel plays better than all of my other barrels (including <deleted>).

 I feel that the chicago mouthpiece has huge potential and I will be playing on this mouthpiece in conjunction with the barrel. 

As for the R13 Silver, I couldn't have asked for a better clarinet.. ...... I am very glad that I made this purchase. 

I would like to maintain the condition of the clarinet as much as possible, so I wanted to email you to ask about anything that I should do to keep the clarinet clean, oiled, and crack-free? And if I should send back the clarinet to you for a service every year?

Thank you,


Zinner goes out of business!!!

Sadly, the world was informed last month that the firm of Hans Zinner GmbH & Co KG will be ending their business on June 30 of this year. Zinner has been in business for three generations and their absence will be keenly missed. 

I currently have over 300 Zinner mouthpiece blanks on hand, so I will be continuing to fill orders for my Zinner based Bb/A, Bass Clarinet, and Eb Clarinet  mouthpieces for quite awhile. Later as these stocks are depleted, the blanks will be replaced with blanks that I have designed and manufactured myself. The design process is already underway. It is very exciting!

 Stocks for contra bass mouthpieces are now limited. If you want one, order soon, don't wait. I have a quantity of alto clarinet and basset horn mouthpiece blanks. I am out of contra alto mouthpieces .

I have the new Legende!!!


Check it out. This clarinet is absolutely exquisite. Superb response, warm full tone throughout all registers. Best clarinet I have played in many years.

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Grabner Clarinet Barrels

Grabner clarinet barrels are selling like crazy. Why? Impeccable intonation, smooth and easy attack, and focused throat tone.

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The Virtuoso Clarinet Mouthpiece

It has been out for two years now. With its dark, bold, rich tone color it is a proven winner. I have sold hundreds!

ZINNER update - I still have several hundred blanks sufficient to make the Virtuoso mouthpiece for the rest of the year!

Available in one facing, medium open.

"Walter's new Virtuoso mouthpieces have a beautiful balance of warmth, depth, and brillance, with a lightening-fast articulation response and just enough resistance to give us myriad color options, while still feeling free and easy to play. Congratulations, Walter!" - Eric Mandat

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The Virtuoso Bass Clarinet mouthpiece

This mouthpiece was created just in time for ClarinetFest2016. It was an immediate success ever since. A great viable option for the serious bass clarinetist. With a tip more open than the "Lawrie Bloom" model, the bass register can really roar!

ZINNER update - I still have a sufficient number of blanks to make the Virtuoso Bass mouthpiece for the rest of the year!

Buffet Clarinets For Sale

I have many fine, hand-picked Buffet clarinets for sale:  R-13s, Festivals, E12F's, and the new Legende. Click below to see what inventory is on hand.


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I accept VISA, MasterCard, and Discover credit card payments over the phone. Call 847-266-8644 to order. You can also pay for mouthpieces and barrels using the easy shopping cart software linked to each descriptive page.


Copyright: Walter Grabner, 2004