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Prototype mouthpieces at greatly reduced prices.

Refacing older Grabner mouthpieces


Grabner HiTech
Clarinet Mouthpieces

..........because a mouthpiece should be a work of art........


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The Return of the K11, K13 and K14???

My K series mouthpieces were extremely popular. Over a 12 year period I sold thousands of these very versitile mouthpieces. After Zinner went out of business, the K mouthpieces were no longer available. Up until now, I had not been able to recreate them in my new medium.

However, I feel like I have finally "cracked the code" and I have several K11 and K13 mouthpieces out there in beta test. If you are interested in participating in the beta, please let me know.

All International Customers

DO NOT ORDER before contacting me first. Due to all the uncertainties, delays, and extra expense of international shipping, we need to communicate before you place your order. If you still want to purchase my products, please contact me by e-mail or telephone.

Introducing a new material


  • Both a new material and a new process
  • Featuring a ten-fold improvement in accuracy
  • Enhanced appearance
  • Made from sustainable resources
  • No toxic chemicals 
  • Biodegradeable
And absolutely the richest, darkest, most vibrant tone.


Available in Eb, Bb, Alto Clarinet, Bassett Horn, Contra Alto and Bass clarinet models. 

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New! "MVP" tuning barrel

Ask about these exciting new tuning barrels. Modified Moennig taper. Wont warp or crack. Available in 64, 65, 66, 66.5. They work on both Bb and A clarinets (any Buffet R13 clone). Low price! Click here.

New Barrel